Marianne Lefebvre M.Sc.Dt.P.

Expertise in International Nutrition
Founder and President

President and founder of Intégration Nutrition, Marianne is a dietitian graduated with a Master’s degree in international nutrition, a writer and a lecturer. She starts her career in Haiti where she developed an interest in clinical and community nutrition. Throughout her career, Marianne has distinguished herself as a wonderful communicator both oral and written. Her wide experience includes articles writing, teaching, video clip animations, workshops and conferences with different populations. She traveled across more than 20 countries where she explored foreign food habits. In 2013, she launched Intégration Nutrition, a nutrition education company which support new immigrants in their adaptation to our local food culture. On the other hand, she also offers services to Quebekers’ population from different origins, looking for food renewal, throughout different nutrition services and discovery activities from here or elsewhere.

She shares values like health, balance, respect, exotism and multiculturalism. In 2016, she cosigned and copublished a book named ‘À l’autre goût du monde’, a guide collection of food habits from all over the world.

Marianne is an active member of l’Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec.

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